how to convert a launcher-based project to source-build-engine based?

i found an interesting thing:
the project’s vc solution is different by how it had been created.
if created from the precompiled editor within launcher, it has less project and build configurations,
but if from a source build editor, the solution contains all engine module and programs,
the later is more convenient for debugging and custom.

but now i have already made a project and developed no short, there’s many assets and code in it.
how could i make a perfect conversion of it ?

Make a backup of you project before you do anything of the following:

  1. right-click your <Game>.uproject file and select the option “Switch Unreal Engine version”
  2. in the new window that appears, select your engine built from source
  3. right-click your <Game>.uproject file again but this time select the option “Generate Visual Studio project files”
  4. Profit?

How to include Engine source(github)?