How to control what level loads first

Hi all,

Hopefully this is a very simple question! How do I control which level is loaded in the editor when I open a project?

I started a project, which created the example map, but rather than delete everything in that I had created a new level and started work in there. This seems fine, except every time I open the project it opens with the example map level instead of my gameplay level. Presumably there exists a setting somewhere which will allow me to choose which is the default, but I haven’t found it.

Go into the config folder of your project - DefaultEditor.ini - change the name to your map name


you can also edit the project settings via the editor, and set which map loads when the editor starts

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. Project Settings > Maps & Modes

:smiley: That’s easier… I’m still think a little bit in the UDK way XD

don’t we all :slight_smile:

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