How to control the Blend time between 2 animations ?

I added some animation to my character and i noticed the character blends between animations as fast it can , for example , i set the 3rd person character template to walk by pressing shift , and when shift is released it will run again , but how can i control the time it takes to blend from walk to run or reverse ?

There is this " BlendSetting " dropdown on the details panel Each “Transition rule” you make , i tried putting some excessive values like 500+ for the Duration, < default for jump end to idle is 0.1 > but it didnt seem to change anything at all . and also transition between idle/walk/run is decided by BlendSpace which doesnt have “Transition rule” .

So how can i change the blend time from 1 pose to another ?
Thanks in advance.

Ok after a while i saw my own post , since i found the answer to this ill just answer . i would’ve needed a timeline to gradually increase to decrease the speed value . so it will slowly blend between 2 motions previously set in the BlendSpace .

Check out the Tesla Tutorial about blending animations on his channel in youtube.