How to control spawns using Spawn function ?;base64
​ In this example we are using the;base64

i would like to spawn new actors and control properties of each spawn

for example i have text added in the actor ,then i like to add custom text to each spawn from a data table
that has text values

Adding an interaction ,to each spawn

i have a list of interactions ,that id like to utilize in each spawn assiggned randomly

The image below visualizes what id like to create **[/SIZE]


This is a great question - sadly I see no answers yet. This is similar to something I am wanting to do too : I want to spawn dozens of animals each with specific (different set of) attributes like age, sex, hunger, thirst health, pregnancy, dominance states. And then each must do things in the landscape by AI rules. The data for each animal is based on real animals in the world so needs to be fed in via the data table method. I hope someone can point a way forward on this.

I can definitely tell you how to do this in BP, but I don’t think ( could be wrong ) you can spawn widgets…

But generally speaking, with BPs, you can use blueprint interfaces.

All they are is a way of sending a message to a BP, so you can say something like ‘you’ve just been clicked’.

What the BP does in response the that click can be entirely different, it could change color, explode or move up into the sky etc etc. Here’s something about BP interfaces:

… and I just checked, you can talk to widgets with a BP interface :slight_smile:

So, I went for a walk ( that’s the only thing we’re allowed to do now ), and came up with this idea:

You make different kinds of widget:


The, in whatever BP, you make an array of type ‘User widget class reference’:


Then you can pick a widget randomly like this:

The random text is dealt with in the widgets. Like I said above, it’s just an array of strings and you pick one randomly using an int, like I have here…