How to control Space Ship rig animation from third person character?

I have this vehicle/door system and I am trying to trigger the animation of the spaceship rig(Opening and closing the door of the ship) when the third person character is active and in range, but i don’t know how. The animation only plays when I am controling the space ship and the third person character is in the box collision. I want to be able to control it with the third person charcter. I just started with ue5 (and coding in general) and I am not sure if I’m using the correct terms so I am going to attach some screenshots below. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile: Note: The “MainUI” Just displays a text saying “Press E To Open & Close”.

I found a solution. Although the node setup looks monstrous, it works lol. (The InputAction is in the thirdpersonBP)