How to control 'Set Physics Linear Velocity' using 'get' direction and velocity?

I can’t use physics to bounce around my scene, because it messes up my "Lone Echo’ Flinging and Flying’ irrevocably (please don’t suggest Physics! :slight_smile: , been there for months) BUT I have found a way to get a simple BOUNCE when I collide with walls etc. Using Set Physic Linear Velocity. The only problem is it bounces me in a Set direction so as often as not I am unnaturally bouncing back the same ANGLE I came!
I am hoping before or after the Set Physics Linear Velocity, I can ask Unreal: 'what direction was I coming from before I bumped the wall, and how fast, please make me bounce in the opposite direction at about 1/2 the speed (or whatever is appropriate…)

MODS: This is not a cross or multi post it is a whole new scenario! :slight_smile: and a lot simpler if BP’s are what I think they are! I’m sure it will be ‘Get Vector’ or something, it’s after that I wonder how to tell the Set Physics Linear, to be dynamic or reactive to that information :slight_smile: I tried switching to Add Impulse and Add Force BOTH of them made me spin a million miles an hour and fly out the scene just as fast :slight_smile: Only Set Linear Velocity lets me get a nice little bounce away, (if usually in the wrong angle,…) Here is the area I am working on in a picture:

THANK YOU all who helped, I guess I got this far on my own, but now I need a LOT less help now so it’s easier :wink: :slight_smile: My image is a little off, it is only the TOP of the 2 Set Physics Linear Velocity that matters, I have returned the bottom one to x=0 y=0 z=0 and it makes no change to my bounce. On that top one, I I also tried stuff like x=5 y=30 z=5 and it gives more direction control but not ‘relative’ to my incoming vector and speed,…THANKS!

CTRL to Get and ALT to Set I’m getting this!