How to control rotation of camera?

What’s Fnaf? Could you elaborate a bit more?

I’m a pretty big noob to Unreal Engine when It comes to this kind of stuff, but how would I create a Fnaf-like scrolling effect In Unreal Engine? I’ve tried to test around with this concept for a bit.

In this test right here, my expectation is for it to automatically spin the camera around. But when I run It, It simply does not work at all! My final plan Is to create a couple of UI objects that detect when the mouse Is over It, and apply this same type of concept over It. Thank you!

It Is a really popular point and click horror game that came out In 2014 and Is still going today, made in click team. I’d recommend that you watch this video. Five Nights at Freddy's gameplay - YouTube

Still not sure what are the required features for this camera system, the 2 min video just shows it rotate in place based on the mouse position moving away from the centre.

I can think of several ways of doing it, here’s one:

It checks how far away from the viewport centre the cursor is, and uses the distance to rotate the camera. The further from the centre, the faster you go. I added interpolation to smooth it out, feels more fancy. :wink:

Image from Gyazo

Here’s another way:

Also, using widget for this would make it much easier.

edit: forgot pic

Image from Gyazo

Make sure the default value of rotation speed multi is not set to 0.
Also, added a widget version, refresh the page.

Difficult to say what’s causing that without seeing the camera setup. My first bet would on something overriding camera position. I used the 3rd Person Template for this, in which case I had to turn off Use Pawn Camera Rotation on the Springarm (camera boom) to make it behave.

I hope that’s it.

Good luck!

Hmmm, I’ve copied the coding 100%, but It does absolutely nothing! I move my mouse around but It does not seem to do anything. It does look pretty cool In the gif though. Could you explain how that works? (Me being the nooby self that I am)

I set It to one, It still manages to not work >.< I’m very tired right now, I might reply back tomorrow. Thank you by the way!

I woke up and I found It was easier to just redo the character blueprint entirely, I instead made It a pawn, as this is a point and click game and now I can control the camera! I then of course tried your suggestion but I found that when ever I click start I cannot control It, and It just drifts to the default yaw rotation