How to control players view direction with Tilt

I am trying to control the player’s view direction by using the Tilt sensor on the mobile device. I am able to get the values from the Tilt Axis. I am not sure of the best way to feed those values to the player controller.

I see that I can use an input event which returns float, or a key event which returns a vector. Are there examples out there that I can explain the best way to set it up?

Thank you!

Project settings → Input → Axis

It’s pretty straightforward. Let me know if you need to know more.

Hi there. Thanks for your answer to this in the past. I’m on 4.7.2 and got the Axis inputs for rotation rate and tilt now added. How do I make use of this now? Is it a BP process to get it to plug into my player?

Thank you if you have any insights.


I got it rigged up and am now looking to have an offset so my axis is centered when I hold the ipad upright.

How should I do that? Don’t see a vector add.


No idea actually. I haven’t done it myself.

Ca you show us how did you got it working?