How to control movement with root motion and animation blueprints?

So I’m having trouble getting my character to move using rootmotion animations. Taking the third person template I remove the AddMovementComponent Nodes and just had the blueprint save those as variables. In the Animation Blueprint I am casting to MyCharacter and taking in those variables. One is the ForwardMovementAxis. When ForwardMovementAxis is > 0.1 I want it to transition to the next animation, but the character doesnt do this at all. I’m trying to control the character this way as when using root motion with normal character controls I was encountering a bug where they tried to override each other and ended up looping indefinitely. Anyone have any suggestions or things I might be missing?

Good luck with that, it seems to either not work, or work so badly it’s not worth the hassle.
You are best just using none-root motion based animations and save yourself months of headache.

Or it can end up looking like this: which is my hope. Did you learn anything about the answer Atti?