How to control Material animation with delay or timer?

Let’s say I have a bp to control 5 enemies, I want enemies flash when they are hit.
I made a flash mat anim with Time node and Sine node, but it goes loop, so I make a custom event with delay node to stop the mat anim. But if one bullet go through 5 enemies one by one, only one of them will stop mat anim loop at last, Why? And How to fix it?
BTW, Timer node have no input parma of function, so I can’t know enemy index from it.

Two things of note here.

  1. It’s much easier to control material parameter changes via a blueprint, not in the material.

  2. The most common way to do what you’re asking, and probably the easiest, is with particles. The player would spawn a hit particle when they are hit.

Thanks for Reply.

  1. If you mean change color of every enemies in tick, I simplified my requirements to make it easier for you to understand. In fact, I had 2000 HISM instances to represent enemies, too much tick is not good. Tell me more if I have misunderstood your meaning
  2. Particle physics is bad, The size of the model does not affect the result of the collision, a ball will be simulated as a needle. And in fact I did use the way you mentioned to generate the collision particles, but I still want the flash effect
  1. I didn’t know it concerned so many actors.

  2. Not particle physics, just a flash, a short lived particle.