How to control importet character?

I imported a character blueprint and 3d mesh in a level i created from blank, chose it in the game mode and mapped its controls in the graph but when i hit play i am still in the free camera flow, how can i play it?

Make sure everything is set in the world settings of the level you’re testing

That’s where you tell it what game mode, character, pawn, etc. to use

my world settings:
game mode: SunnyGameProject(my creates mode) which is:
default pawn class: char (my insertet character)
hud class: HUD
player control: PlayerController (its the only one availeble havent done anything there)
GameState Class and PlayerState Class: same as player control the preset ones
Spectator Class: Spectator Pawn (also preset)
sorry if i made a really dumb mistake but im new to the unreal engine XD
its still just in free camera flow

okay, maybe this can help to understand my problem, i noticed when i hit possess while simulating/playing it gets into a fixed camera, but its still not the mesh i inserted but just from the position i started the sim and when i to this my camera is falling down from the world and i cant get her to stop falling, i tried it again without possessing and noticed that there is a little system with the three axis z,x,y falling and i dont know how to fix it :confused: