How to control flash movie by kismet


I need do this in kismet:

Touch trigger > flash movie “gotoAndStop (2);”

there are some way to do this?
I’m trying for a long time but don’t found nothing about.


I think i have done something like that.First you need to convert that flash video to bink video in order for it to work in udk.Bink website have a free software that converts videos.Once the video gets converted you have to apply it to a shader in udk as a normal texture(in unlit mode in order to get the best quality).(type in youtube udk bink video and you will find a quick tutorial).In kismet in the new actions>cinematic you have control movie texture and control game movie.I cant remember which one, but i think one of the two will let you pause or stop the video from playing.If you want features like playback,forward i dont think its possible.(probably animating the material via matinee in a hacky way)But this is just a quick info to get you started.

If I understand you correctly, then yes, you can totally do that, no conversion needed. You’ll need your Flash movie, with an ActionScript function in it that does whatever you need, exported as swf and imported into UDK.

Set up your Kismet sequence like this:

  1. Open GFxMoviePlayer. Hook up an object variable to hold the movie when it opens.
  2. Touch event using your touch trigger, which you connect to…
  3. GFx Invoke ActionScript. Connect that to the object variable you set in step 1. Make it call the function that does whatever it is you want to do.

thank you, i will try this and return to answer about :smiley: