How to control engine update step?


The problem that we’re trying to solve is a form of hardware sync, through software sync, where we insert ourselves into the update step of the application. We’re using Unreal to do distributed rendering of a virtual world across multiple (6) computers all using the exact same application with different settings, creating a full panoramic view of the world. What we need is to wait on the update step until we get a command from a server that says, basically, “Ok, everyone’s ready, so go ahead and update”. However, there are probably a million ways to get in front of Unreal’s update loop. So, I was wondering if there was a preferred method. Right now I’m looking into subclassing UGameEngine and putting logic inside of the Tick step, based on this post. However, I’ve put some debug messages into the overridden function and it doesn’t seem to print the messages. Is there something better I could subclass as that seems like a very dangerous way to go about it. Thank so much for any help or insight you could provide.