How to control crosshair with mouse/gamepad to move it around the screen?

I am quite new at this so I am trying to make a side scroller game. In this game, I want to move the crosshair around the screen using mouse/gamepad’s X and Y-axis. So my question is should I use widget or hud for making crosshair and for controlling that crosshair which blueprint would be ideal. To be more clear, In this scenario player only controlling this crosshair’s X and Y position on the screen, which would be followed by the character’s crosshair. I am attaching a visual aid if it could help you to understand what I am trying to do

I’m not exactly sure if I am sure what you’re looking for, but my initial thought is that you’re wanting a crosshair in 2d space like a Metal Slug game? If that’s the case, My suggestion would be to use HUD to draw the crosshair by getting mouse position from the Controller. Depending on how your game is set up you ‘should’ be able to pretty much get mouse position in the controller, use “convert screen location to world space”, and use the vector from that to make your characters crosshair follow the mouse one.