How to control collision of the Rigid body actors, Kactors spawnable.

So as you can see in the vídeo the KActors collide with the pawn, how to not collide with them , what are the Settings i need to Touch ? :confused:


First, you should put a warning on that link telling us that it shows off digital naked manbutt.

I’ve often had problems trying to make an actor collide with one thing but not another. The only collision type that consistently works for me all the time is COLLIDE_BlockAll. But you might want to try the different collision types and collision flags to get the effect you want.

This is a survival crafting game, right? Do you want the player to collect the branches when he collides with them? Then you might consider making the “branch on the ground” actor a custom class that has an event Touch().

hahaha thanks for the help will try.