How to control camera target ...?


I’m still fairly new to BPs in Unreal and trying to modify the default ‘Product Configurator’ that comes with the software (i.e. the one with the guitars). At the moment the camera is tracking a ‘ConfigCameraTGT’ which allows rotation around the target but it’s difficult to get in close and look at details on other parts of a product. I would like to be able to pan around as well. I have fried my brain trying to work this out in the ‘BPAC_CameraMotion’ so if someone is able to guide me in how to modify the BPs in this level to allow panning of the camera that would be amazing? I’m assuming the ‘camera tracking target’ needs to somehow follow the line-of-sight vector of the camera while also allowing rotation of the camera around this target but I’m at a loss on how to do this…?

Thanks for your time and help.

Cheers Dan

Hi man
I made up a simple blueprint that manage this kind stuff like this.
I just made an actor with a scenecomponent 1, with a child scenecomponent 2 , with a child camera.
Move the camera at the desired distance from center.

now you can :
rotate the scenecomponent 1, along Z, to turn all around the product.
Rotate the scenecomponent2 along X, to look the product from high or low.
Move the actor along X,Y, Z to pan. or focus on details.
You can easily set min and max distance to the camera and min and max rotation of X.

you can connect mouse to these movements or add a hud with buttons .

Thanks so much for getting back to me.
I’ve created a blueprint with the components added. Is this correct? Would it be possible at all for you to send me a screenshot of the BP you created using the components you mentioned? I’m struggling to know where to start. If I have a view of the BP then I think I can work it out from there.

Also, how do I get this new BP actor to be possessed on Play?

Appreciate your help mate.

Cheers Dan

Hi, apologies for another post on this but I’m trying to create the ‘rotation around Z’ for the first ‘scenecomponent 1’ you mentioned in the character BP. I managed to get it to rotate when pressing the Alt + LMB but I would like to create a smooth rotation around the axis (at the moment it just jumps between axis increments) but I’m unsure how to use the ‘Event Tick’ variable. Here’s what I put together but I can’t get it to work so any guidance would be awesome. Thanks again for looking at this if you get a chance.

Cheers Dan

Hi man,
Well, pretty sure that if you use the input-action event you dont need at all the tick event.

I used these , Probably XD, as you can see these nodes release an output that you can use to drive the rotation !

Let me know if you need more stuff!

Oh fantastic! Thanks so much mate. I’ll give this a try and let you know how I get on but appreciate your help.


Hi again,

Hope I’m not bothering you too much :wink: …but I’m trying to adapt your BP info so the camera will pan up and down in Z when I press and hold the Alt key and the LMB (as you do in a normal viewport window). This is what I tried but it’s not working. I think this might be out of the scope of this thread so let me know if this is more complicated than I think.

Once again, appreciate your help.