How to control Anim BP update interval?

I want to optimize some logic that I pass to my Animation Blueprint. I want my Animation Blueprint to update every 0.02 s or 0.03 s to optimize all the calculations/updates, can I change it somehow?

… Or maybe is it unnecessary and would not improve performance at all? Correct me if I’m wrong, but by default AnimBPs are updated every tick?

It’s been some time… Bump? ^^


Finally, I’ve found the answer here. Not perfect, but seems to work. It would be nice to have an official way of setting animation blueprint tickrate though.

Just in case, here’s the text (by user Crump_Dump):

I found a roundabout way to cheese
this functionality by using the “set
component tick interval” node to set
the skeletal meshes tickrate to a
lower value. This also affects physics
and collisions, though, so keep that
in mind if you intend to use any of
those behaviors.