How to control an object rotation in FPS project [RESOLVED]

I have a First personn project, and in this i want to give the possibility to watch some spécial objects.
The goal is : when the player click on the object , he can’t move and the camera is obliged to look the object.
And the mouse movement rotate the object.
Finally when the player hit the right click the controls come back to FPS controls.

But I have no Idea how to restrict the controller to do this.

Hi The Space Bar Rider,

While it is not a perfect solution as you will inevitably run into gimbal lock (this can be adjusted), I have a starting point for you. If you set a boolean value in your character that is only altered when you enter your “focus mode”, you can restrict the characters movement to only be movable when not in this mode. Below is a simple setup I put together that should help get you going:

Object you are interacting with (note, I used a [blueprint interface][1] for the event, additionally I forgot to disable input after pressing P to end the interaction.

In my character, I have mouse input rotation. This is restricted to rotating the focused object upon running the “Is Used” interface.

Additionally, I restrict the movement input with the same boolean value.

To activate all of this you obviously need an event to act as the catalyst, I used E as the event and ran a trace to test if the object could be interacted with like this:

I hope this helps with what you are trying to accomplish!

Thanks a lot, that exactly what I’m looking for ! That work very well !