How to control an actors rotation using blueprint?

We are trying to rotate a shape with a kill volume attached to it.

I’m a beginner and just figured this out the other day, but “Make Transform” allows you to apply a rotation. I ended up putting it as its own blueprint on an object and applying the rotation every tic so the object is continually rotating. But I’m sure you could also apply rotation from the level blueprint, with your shape as the targeted actor.

The only problem with that for me is that when I try to move the object across the screen, “Make Transform” applies its movement in the direction it’s facing… so because of its rotation, it ends up doing a sort of loop instead of moving in one direction. I was planning on using “move to point”, or whatever it’s called, to get around that.

Hi JueJueBean,

If you create the object and trigger in a blueprint, try the image below and see if that produces what you are looking for. Effectively what it is doing is taking the Yaw of the object’s rotation and adding it to Delta Time multiplied by some number. This goes into a “Make transform”, which transforms the objects location, rotation, and scale based on information provided. This is plugged into a set relative transform to accept the data and make the objects act accordingly. The kill volume can be set up with a simple trigger box that you give a damage component/destroy actor component when overlapping pawns.


I have also problem with control rotation:
I want to rotate toer of a tank relative to it’s rotation inside Actor Blueprint.