How to control a control rig IK with a level actor? (4.25)


I setup a simple IK chain in a control rig. I have a control that drives my IK. Now I want this control to be driven interactively by a level actor.
This is because I want drive the animation with an HTC controller.

I cannot find a way to reference this control inside level blueprint or a BP.

It is a carnivorous plant, I want to move the head by tracking the HTC controller. Also I’d like to move the jaw bone by clicking the controller trigger.

Any ideas?

Thank you

You can use parameters for this and expose them as pins (or use curves for floats) on the control rig node in anim blueprints. but beware that in 4.25.1 the parameter interface for using CR-s in animBP-s is semi-busted atm: after each restart you need to dirty the control rig and then after recompiling the animBP it will work.