How to control 2 blendspaces from 2 different anim BP at same time

Im about to give up after two days, unless someone who knows unreal can help. Im trying to control 2 blendspaces from two different Anim BP at once. I.E my character has a child actor in the Char BP, to which that actor has a blendspace that matches up to the animation of the main char. My char flies with a blendspace, and the child actor flies with a blendspace, its suppose to look they are flying together when i move the axis i would like to control both of those blendspaces. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Did i explain it right?

Yes you did, so are you talking about a child actor COMPONENT? Those are a little buggy and theres little things that dont work the way you expect. But in the character blueprint, you should be able to drag out the mesh component, type getAnimInstance,then cast that to the animation blueprint and then you can set a variable in that animation blueprint that way.
I dont know if you can actually refer to the mesh on a child actor component. I think a better way of doing it would be to send whatever the value is to a variable in the child blueprint, then repeat the instructions I just typed above in that actual blueprint with the value that you carried over from the parent.
I hope that explanation wastn too confusing.