How to const cast TArray of TSharedPtr

I am attempting to use the Json function SetArrayField, which takes const TArray> as its second argument. I have an array of FJsonValueString which I wish to pass to this argument.
Standard C++ const_cast tells me that it cannot convert from ‘TArray,FDefaultAllocator>’ to ‘TArray,FDefaultAllocator>’

I’ve seen that TSharedPtr has ConstCastSharedPtr( … ). Should I use this? How would I do that?

I solved this issue by doing a couple things.
The first is that SetArrayField wants const TArray(TSharedPtr(FJsonValue)), so using FJsonValueString was not going to work, ever.

I assigned my FJsonValues by doing this:

TSharedPtr<FJsonValue> Value = MakeShareable(new FJsonValueString(JsonString));

When it came time to call the SetArrayField function, I did:

SetArrayField(Field, (const TArray< TSharedPtr< FJsonValue > >) JsonActionArray);