How to: Console Commands every time Unreal Engine starts and the Game is played

Hi guys,

currently I use quite a lot of commands inside the editor every time I open Unreal Engine, since Unreal Engine won´t remember the typed in commands. They are commands like:

  • r.Shadow.CSMDepthBias 7
  • r.Shadow.FilterMethod 1

Is there an easy way to make Unreal Engine load these commands automatically every time it starts and also use them when the game is running of course.

Right now I haven´t found any solution I understand since I never did something with Blueprints, so it would be great if someone could give me a detailed explanation.


There is a “Console Command” node you can use in a blueprint which can call those commands. You would place the console string in the node.

If it’s typing them out all the time that is the nuisance, try a simple txt file with them listed or bookmark this:

That sounds great. I am going to try and start this on startup and when playing the game and get back if it worked or not.

Hey Conrad,

it worked so far. Thanks! May I ask you some short questions about this?

Here is what I came up with following this workflow: Running Blueprints at Editor Startup | Unreal Engine Documentation