How to connect VS 2017 with UE 4

Your problem is with building out UE4, building the game, or compiling in Unreal Editor?

I figured out my issue, could be yours as well.

By default Epic Games Launcher installs UE 4.7.6, which doesn’t recognize VS 15’ or 17’. In the launcher, go to Library> Add versions> 4.16.1. This is the latest version UE and will recognize VS 15 and or 17.

I already have Visual Studio 2017 with game development with c++ extension and i already have Unreal Engine 4 too. But i don’t know why both of them won’t connect each other.
Please help me.
Thanks !!!,

Hello Chocxcoff,

For this document and videos below. I hope helpful.

Having the same issue. VS 15’ and 17’ are both installed (with the proper C++ plugins), however UE 4.7.6 refuses to recognize they are installed and asks me to install VS 13’

If you uninstall other Visual Studio versions and you open GenerateProjectFiles.bat, it will recognize VS2017 automatically.