How to connect to server via cmd arguments

Hello everyone,

I have packaged my game and there’s a MyGame.exe. And I read in the docs that if you add -server to the exe it would start like a server. And for the client to connect you need to add the ip and it should work. But it doesn’t any idea why? Or am I missing something?

Hi Forum!
It is solved or its too trivial to ask again? I’m in the some trouble, and I don’t where is the problem.
I would just build and test some multiplayer session. Build a MyGameServer.exe and run on my PC and build a MyGameClient.exe and run on my Laptop.
I pack the Vehicle Blueprint Template game and get the WindowsNoEditor dir with files, but the two running program don’t connect.
Or this template project can’t run as a client server model?

Hello horvatha4,

I solved that problem a little bit differently. You can do it a lot easier if you want to test your multiplayer. I simply made an UMG widget which had 2 buttons. First one to host a server (which executes open MyMapName?listen) and a second button to join a game (which executes open serverIpAddress). Both commands are executed via Blueprint nodes “Execute Console Command”.

Of course in case you want to test a dedicated server, then you would need to build one.

Hi OzoneBG!

So I must extend a little bit the template, and a dedicated server is a “another story”.
Thank you!