How to connect to EventBeginPlay?

I have to Functions:

The first is the Camera Zoom, which is plugged in EvenBegin Play:
(it works fine! but without my Hud, which is a crosshair)

As you can see in the first Pic theres a Hud Reference (on top right) that i also want to connect to EvenBeginPlay, if i do the first connection is deleted:
(also my Hud Crosshair works fine but now my Camera Zoom got some issues not working correct)

So i tried to copy the Event BeginPlay:

When i copy and paste the Event BeginPlay. “Custom Event” is created.
But it turns out that just the Event BeginPlay works. The created “CustomEvent” is not working.

​​​​​​​So how to connect both Functions to the Event BeginPlay?

Option 1 : Off of Event Begin Play, look for ‘Sequence’ node. Then just connect the sequence outputs to each thing you want to run off Begin Play.

Option 2 : Connect Event Begin Play to input of ‘Create Hud’ then connect output of that to ‘Set Cam Arm Length’

There are other ways, but either of these should work fine for you.