How to connect to dedicated server when client default port is different

Hello guys, so my question goes as follows:

I have a few dedicated servers running on the same machine and each with different ports Ej:8889,8899,8999, etc. So each map is held by a different server.

As I’m running all the servers on the same machine, they all have the same IP, so to select one or other server I just have to type IP:8889or IP:8899, etc.(Ideally)

The thing is that after doing some tests, I have concluded that Unreal only permits a connection from Client to Server when the “built” port in the client (the one defined in the BaseEngine.ini) is the same as the Server one. So I can only connect to the server with port 8889 if the client’s port is 8889.

My question is: Is there any way of overriding in “real-time” the client’s port so It matches the one that the server has?

Or, Is there any way of handling this architecture I’m trying to implement?

I’m quite sure I’m not the first one trying to set up different servers in the same machine so any help would be thank as I’ve been stuck with this for a few weeks now.