How to connect objects to control

How i actual do something like this
You have a electric panel and you need to wire it to a specific door for example. Then you can control this door with it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help

Create an Actor variable inside the Electric Panel blueprint, and expose it (a little eye icon next to the variable name). Thus this variable will be available to you in the viewport, and you’ll be able to select the Door or any other actor with eye-dropper or by typing in its name. And then you can work with this variable in the Panel BP.

And you’d want to use Interfaces here, since you might want to control various objects, not just Doors. With Interfaces, you won’t have to Cast to a number of blueprints.

Thanks for the answer it helps a bit :slight_smile: but how i handle it then ingame like i have a wire tool and then i click on door and on oanel? And how i handle it like when i have multiple keypads as example for different doors :slight_smile:

Didn’t really understand the Wire Tool part.

As for multiple doors and keypads, each keypad placed in the level will have its own Actor variable and you can assign each door to their respective individual keypads.

Uhm yeah i mean like how i do it ingame at live time? Like the player nees to connect the door with the keypad you know? Then when i wanr t multiple actors i just add more variables rightt?

Can you please post this Part as answer :slight_smile: so i can mark it as solved?

Thanks for it thats exactly what i searched for :))

I’d make it in the Level Blueprint. One bool variable will be True or False depending on whether you have the Wire Tool (if there’s an option not to have it), and probably two variables that store the latest activated Door/Keypad/etc.

E.g. you activate a door: check if the Keypad variable is valid (i.e. a Keypad was activated earlier), and if True, assign this Door to the Keypad and nullify both variables in the Level BP to be able to do it again. If the Keypad variable is not valid (i.e. a Keypad was not activated earlier), assign the Door to the Level BP variable.

The same, but in opposite direction, when you activate a Keypad.

Thus a Keypad will be assigned to a Door, the variables will be nullified, and you can do the same again with other actors.

Sure =) Glad I could be of help.