How to connect multiple aspects to event receive draw HUD?

I basically want to connect event receive draw HUD to Gate, but whenever I do that it replaces the existing connection. I also want to implement a mini-map, but since I’ll have to use event receive draw HUD it will keep replacing the connection that I’ve previously made. My tutor mentioned something about using a blueprint interface so that the blueprints can communicate together, but I’m still very confused and I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help me out? Here’s an image that will give you a visual aid to what I’m trying to accomplish. Any help will be highly appreciated.

So your problem that exec output can have only one connection?

Use a sequence

I think so. I’m unable to connect the exec pin to gate without replacing the connection with branch. I was wondering if there’s an alternative way to do this, but I like I mentioned previously my tutor mentioned something about blueprint interfaces, which will allow blueprints to communicate with each other. I essentially don’t know how to do that process.

Thank you, this works. :slight_smile:

You might of been answering when I did,

Try a sequence for now.