how to connect Comau robot to UE4.25

hi, i’m vincenzo chef of the Graphic Studio of Event Management Company

We have on board comau robots family ie: NJ220 models and we develope a software to control the robot in to the live show.
now we want to connect our robot with the camera actor movements Position and Rotation
we are able to send UDP strings that include the RTS axis between 25 to 100 hz to UE4.25 camera actor to track the camera with the robot movement
can you drive me how to do it or to create this connection



Hi Vincenzo,

You’ll need a transport protocol between the robot and UE4. HTTP is a very reliable transport.

If you search youtube and the Epic Unreal Marketplace, you should be able to find a UE4 http:// client. There are Node.js robot libraries if you’re looking for a server interface.

If you don’t want to do client/server request/response, check out This creates a two-way web socket.

I wouldn’t use raw UDP as it’s unreliable (TCP recovers from packet loss, UDP doesn’t), and unreliable makes for uncomfortable live events :slight_smile:

I’m a freelance web dev who got really excited about WebVR and wanted better tools (UE4). I could build this, PM me if you’re interested in hiring some help.



hi michael,thank you for answering me.
how can we talk about this? if you can, please write me
my adress is