How to connect a blueprint to the sequencer?

Hi guys, I am working on a school project and I ran into a problem.

I am trying to make a movie with the sequencer and I am not able to trigger my car blueprint.

I tried making a custom event in the sequencer and linking it in the blueprint from witch I have created an Activate node and targeted the car itself (screenshot bp_eventgraph).
The car is a skeleton mesh with a baked animation on it and is the parent of the spotlight (used as headlights).
As you can see in the screenshot BP_viewport, the lights are working (the cube is only there to show the light), but once in the level viewport (screenshot viewport), the lights are not working.

In the sequencer the event name is BP as well as in the blueprint of the car.
The lights are not showing in the render as well.

Thank you for your time and your help, much appreciated,

William Delisle