How to connect 2 (get) variables to 1 (set) variable

In the main character blueprint, (Gamepad controls)

Gamepad D-pad Right, when pressed it adds 1 to the variable,
Gamepad D-Pad Left, when pressed it subtracts 1 from the variable,

How do you connect 2 (get) integer variables to a single (set) integer variable?

here is a bit of pseudo-bp-code that might help…

Press button A … MyVariable = MyVariable + 1

Press button B … MyVariable = MyVariable -1

Go to Project Settings and setup your input. Create ActionMappings for Dpad Right and Dpad Left.

Then in your Character blueprint, create a new node for Input Action Dpad Right and Input Action Dpad Left, then increment or decrement your integer variable.

Alternatively you can add or subtract float values.