How to configure google play services and ad mob on 4.16?

Hi. I am trying to implement admob and google play. So i try to follow the steps here

But when i make the step of modify Target.cs when i rebuild the project it fails because it says that
if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Android)

Is deprecated.
With other services like achievments leaderboards fails because the same reasons.

I have been looking for alternatives and most links ends here

I tried this and ended up reinstalling ue4.16 because the modification of the engine files corrupted any build that i make.

Is there any updated advice of d how to fix this?

Try this (from Ue4Game.Build.cs):


I got this…

ok i fixed the error using this thread.
now when i am going to try using Google play services using your answer i get this

ok i got admob ad working with this

Hello DonFrag, sorry for resurfacing this old thread, but I am too having trouble getting Admob and Google Play Services to run on 4.16.

I tried DynamicallyModuleNames.Add in Build.cs, which compiles fine, but nothing is showing when running my game.

Did you only modify your target.cs with the above code, or also your Build.cs?

Just build.cs

And follow this