How to compile UE4 for html5 correctly?

Hello! I read this article : Sharing and Releasing Projects for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
and and did so as it was written. I downloaded source and install Emscripten. After that i compiled ue 4. There was an inscription in ue 4 “package for html5”. Click on it and throws me on this page Sharing and Releasing Projects for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation. What else needs to be done to work?

Hi bob474,

Are you still having an issue with compiling for HTML5? Recent versions of the editor have default presets for HTML for Safari and Chrome on both Mac and PC versions of the editor.

If you are still having a problem compiling for HTML5, respond to this post and we will continue to investigate.


Hello, I’ve read through many posts in the , and still cant find the solution for ‘where’ to change the Total_Memory settings to allow the browser to allocate more memory for larger projects. This is the last line in my error when launching in FireFox:

Cannot enlarge memory arrays. Either (1) compile with -s TOTAL_MEMORY=X with X higher than the current value 536870912, (2) compile with ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH which adjusts the size at runtime but prevents some optimizations, or (3) set Module.TOTAL_MEMORY before the program runs.

Is this done BEFORE compling through the editor, or after inside the .js files?

Thanks!!! Jerry

You wrote that you are launching in FireFox… According to the above linked documentation, a 64-bit browser is currently required to run HTML5 builds. You can download the 64bit version for Windows here: Firefox Nightlies

If you are currently using the 64bit version Firefox Nightlies, please respond and we will continue to investigate this issue.