How to compile to linux?

i really want to compile my games to linux, but i think i’m to dumb to configure the crosscompiler, there’s some tutorials about how doing it but i can’t follow it, if someone did it before and can help me with a “step by step compiling to linux on UE4 for dummies” i would be gratefull,

let’s start, on this page: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums
“You need to download the pre-built toolchain first”
where can i find this “pre-built toolchain”?

then it says:
“Copy together with linux-host.config and win64-host.config to a Linux machine running reasonably recent distro. Make sure that the following pre-requisites are installed”
I believe i’ve configurated the “linux machine” already, i was kinda desperate to build the crosscompiler so i’ve downloaded and installed:“cygwin64”,“mingw”,“msys”,“gcc”, and “sysgcc” all i know is that gcc is the default c and c++ compiler on linux, i don’t know anything about the rest, but i think one of these is the linux machine,

i’ve installed llvm and clang as it suggests but i have no idea what "Use cmake to generate project files and then build Release (or MinSizeRel) x64 configuration of “install” (or INSTALL, if you are using Visual Studio) target"means

then last, there’s this tutorial (when you click on ‘compile to linux’ inside unreal):

i’m ok with the “environment variable” part, but then it asks to “regenerate UE4 project files (using GenerateProjectFiles.bat)” and i have no idea where i would find this “GenerateProjectFiles.bat”

i really hope someone helps me, sorry if i’m being “too dumb” but i really can’t understand the tutorials.

Hey veccher-

First, you will want to make sure you are using a source build of the engine from GitHub to make use of cross-compiling. I would suggest following this documentation which is similar to the second link that you provided but also includes links to download the toolchain binaries:

The info necessary for setting up the environment variables should be in one of the text files after this is installed. It should have LINUX_ROOT= followed by a file path on your computer. The part before the equal sign goes in the Variable name field and everything after the equal goes into the Variable value. After this you will need to run GenerateProjectFiles.bat for the specific source engine you are using and then build the engine in Visual Studio again. There are a few other programs (UnrealPak, ShaderCompileWorker, etc) that need to be built as well, this can be found below the image on the linked page.