How to compile the engine?


I’ve made numerous changes but I can’t seem to figure out how to rebuild the existing unreal engine properly, my changes never take effect.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

Edit: I am not building from Github source, just trying to rebuild my existing project/engine. I’ve tried the tutorials in the videos listed above but it’s always a 30 second build and nothing changes.

Have you tried rebuilding the project from within VS?

Yes, that’s where I’ve made the changes to the engine. I hit clean, rebuild, build, etc.
I’ve tried it on the solution, on the engine. I’ve tried the link provided in the sticky (though I believe that’s just for compiling the initial source)

Everytime I try to build it, it seems to build a few binaries for about 10 seconds and then completes without any of my changes affecting it.

Is there documentation somewhere on how to rebuild the existing engine? I can’t seem to find any.

you could try deleting the “Intermediate” folder inside “engine”.

They recently added VB 2015 support. Just compiled a tiny C++ project with 4.11.2 and VaRest plugin, successfully. You might want to try it with VB 2015 then? If you do, install VB 2015 with C++ and the Component Tools. Takes about 40 mins for installation.