How to compile source code 4.15.1 with Xcode

I have downloaded 4.15.1 source code, compile source code step by step following the tutorial , but when i use the new build product to create new project, it can not run on iOS with error “Function Main has a deployment target which is incompatible with iOS”.

Hi yangdeyi1986,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. I tried building 4.15.1 from source code with Xcode, then created a code project and packaged it, and that all worked correctly for me. Would you be able to provide any additional information about where you are seeing this issue?

  • Are you packaging the project and deploying it to the iOS device, or are you launching to the device from within the Editor?
  • Do you have any problems if you package or launch to a Mac?
  • Does the error that you mentioned appear on the device itself, or does it appear on your Mac?

hi :
ThanKs for your reply, I have a solution already. I find that the editor compiled by source can not build product running on iOS 8.1.but it works well on iOS 9.0 and above。