How to compile in ue5

Hello everyone, I started learning in UE4 how to compile but it seems like they have changed the way of doing it. If somebody knows, please tell me

There’s a small button in bottom right corner that looks like stacked cubes.
Or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P

The only button i can see in bottom right is derived data, is it that one?
also, whenever i click ctrl + shift alt + p it tells me that there is build failed, what does that mean and how can i fix it?

Failed build means that there are compilation errors, you can open the output log to see what the errors are.

The button is next to the Derived Data. If it’s not there, it means you have a blueprint only project, not c++

yes, i have a blueprint only project so which button should i press?

If your project is blueprint only, what do you want to compile?

i want to save the project in my folders therefore i have to compile

Do you mean package? Then it’s here:

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yes package, but then what is compiling used for and what is it?

It’s when you use c++ for scripting, not blueprints.