How to compile for html5

I am following instructions given in here

I have installed emisceripten and python 2.7 also edited ini but when ever i go to package html5 it opens above page in browser.

Can any1 tell me how to build for html5

After installing you must restart the IDE and launcher. Also I believe Firefox is the only browser supported for development at the moment. Afterwards it should show up in the “Launch” menu as well as the packaging options.

It says to update this in ini

Emscripten=“C:/Program Files/Emscripten/emscripten/1.29.0”

But the path C:/Program Files/Emscripten/emscripten/1.29.0 doesnt seems to eixst in my machine.
My emscipten path is C:\Program Files\Emscripten but there is no emscirpten folder inside main emscripten folder
wat should be exact path??

I don’t think you fully installed the SDK.

This Do we still need to download full source code for html projects in 4.7? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums might be of some help.

The HTML5 Toolchain is ridiculously undocumented and horrendously short. There is no way a person with general computer knowledge would be able to go from the binary release to an html 5 game without some help from someone who know what they are doing based on the little information on the doc.

You need CMAKE, Emscripten, Python 2.7 and the binary release of ue. in order for cmake, emscripten and python to work, they all must be added to the path var environment.

The programs also need to be installed in an order that makes sense, like cmake, python, then emscripten. I noticed while installing cmake last i could not get emscipten to work with cmake even though there was a path var to the cmake dir.

Verify that all cmake, emscripten, and python all have additions to your path var.

once they are all installed and have path vars you will need to goto the emscripten dir and run the emcmdprompt.bat and run “emsdk install latest” without quotes

this will require both python and cmake.

it will take a long time to finish as cmake is slow and emscripten is large.

once done then you can finally change the html5sdk stuff in the html5engine.ini file.

then you can goto the editor and package your game in html 5 (note - i’ve only ever made c++ projects for html 5 i do not know if bp projects work)