How to compete with big studios and not feel intimidated as an indie ?

Should I meditate more and learn to forget about competition? Even as someone who can do it all, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, blueprints… I am trying to convince myself that I am a Jesus developer who can do the work of 10 regular ones. But then I see other big games and studios with huge budgets and so many talented people working together, it makes me wonder if my end result will still be able to grab peoples attention. As more big game environments become incredibly detailed and complex, it seems like the average gamers sense of quality & quantity is increasing the demand for a greater amount of content. Even if I do what an indie is supposed to, and focus more on game mechanics and “new unique ideas”, I just dont know anymore…

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

Full-time indies will never compete with major studios.
They just provide what players want that common console/pc studios out there won’t (while other indies also didn’t think of providing the same thing yet).

If you want to be relevant as an indie and generate sales you have to make something different and better than most of those things out there…
The people who figured out how to achieve that became very wealthy indie game makers; all the others still fight to survive on a 9to5 job like me =]

You aren’t competing with AAA studios. It’s the same things as trying to compete with a heavyweight champ when you are a lightweight newcomer. Sure you got some tricks up your sleeve but you ain’t lasting ten rounds against some gorilla. Compete within your own bracket and you will have a lot less doubt about how far you can get.

But you should forget competition. Worrying about being bigger or better is a quick way to find yourself coming up short. You can’t focus on making the best game let alone the exact game you want if you keep trying to compare yourself to another like that. Gotta clear out the distractions and just focus on making the game YOU want to make without trying to outdo other developers. Make a great game and you make great money end of story really. So make the game and toss out all the worrying over how well you compare with others :slight_smile: