How To Compare Variables From Children From Array?

Hello, I have servers that get added as children to a vertical box on my UI and I would like to add a system where when a checkbox is ticked, compare the current amount of players to the max amount of players so I can then hide/show the children based on that. I have all the variables that I need I just don’t know how to setup the logic to compare them and then remove the children from the vertical box based on that info.

I basically want to create a set of filters for the server list, like hide empty, full etc.

Any Idea on how to go about this?

Any help would be appreciated thank you!

Why don’t you just add those children when the player/s join then remove them if/when they leave. For the other part simply add a button and connect it to a Boolean input function, that function should just check how many children are there and if true show them by keeping them enabled or if false hide them.

I’m not trying to compare the children itself but the information that’s being contained in those children, they hold server information like the amount of players etc but I don’t know how to pull the specific information from an array and hide specific children based on that info.

The children aren’t being added when the player joins or leaves. It’s a server list so when a server is created a child widget containing server info is added to the list.