How to compare an Int between 2 values?


Having a bit of a thought problem here.
I want to compare an Int that falls within a specific value

The Int is set by another event. So it will never be the same.
I want to get than Int value and if that value is example 400. I want to say If its 400 - 30 which is 370, or if its 400 + 30 which is 430 set the bool to Medium Reached.
But if its less than 400 - 30 then set the bool to Minimum Reached.
But if its more than 400 + 30 set the bool to Maximum Reached.

Does that make sense?
Perhaps my issue is i know what i want but i cannot put it into words. Therefore i cannot fully understand myself what im trying to achieve.

not sure this is what you mean but you set a var newint, a var min = newint -30 a var max = newint + 30
edit : better way : ^^
If value is < min then min reached if not : if value < max then medium reached if not then it is max reached.

and i apologize crocopede if you tried my first idea before i got the new one which will be lazier (so the best ^^) and the first was maybe wrong too ^^


I eventually just compared values. I first tried using the OR | with 2 values but that didnt seem to work.
This method although ugly does what i wanted to achieve. Which is setting if u have 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars unlocked for the level. The kind of UI you see in most level based Mobile games.

Maybe this helps

Thx @Mars007
Your method works as well. And it looks a bit cleaner.