How to combine facial animation with body animation.

I wonder how to combine these types of animations. I made some walk, run, idle and fight animations and it works perfect, but I’m wondering how to combine it with facial animations. In the future i will use faceshift for face but i would like to know that, is possible to mix it? Will it work? I’m using GameEngine rig from makehuman and it don’t have any face rigs. Should i create new rig with face rigs? I dont have any exprience with face animations but i want to protect from problems in the future.
(Sorry for my terrible english)

In your animation blueprint you can create a blend space between the body and face animations.

Rig the face. Make additive with your facial expression and neutral facial. Apply additive with needed parameters.
Blendshapes also works, but weighted bones makes your pipeline and anim blueprint clear.

If you’re using a blend shape rig, you can use a Layered Blend By Bone node in the AnimGraph, plug the body and facial animation to A and B, and set the bone to be the head, and it’ll blend the two separate animations together.
If instead you’re using a joint based rig, you may wanto to use to use an additive animation as suggested by MingYueMeow.