How to combine 2 animations montages for a MetaHuman NPC - face + body ?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently making a narrative game with a dialogue system for a class project.

Like the title said, I have 2 animations montages for my NPC. One is for the face and one for the body. The montages are based from animations exported from the sequencer (where everything is working fine). I recorded the face animation from the MetaHuman Animator, so I have a head movement too.

- Face montage

- Body montage

- MetaHuman blueprint where I play the montages.

I’m trying to combine both montages during playtime, when the conversation with the NPC start.

For the face, the montage is working but it’s not linked to the body (the montage is not playing). The problem seems to be that the montages have different skeletal meshes.

If anyone could help me, I’m not sure about what to do.

Thanks in advance.