How to co-create a map?

I’m working on a new map with a friend right now. We’ve been spending time trying to figure out the new system (UEFN) and have learned a lot. We are on the same creative team where we save the project we’re working on. However, when one of us makes changes to the world, saves it, and privately publishes it, it doesn’t update for the other person. So say I make changes and save them, my friend wont see the changes I made the next time he logs in to edit the world. Is there a way to share the save file or something so the other person can continue editing where the other left off?

Hey @Mystical.Juice! Welcome to the forums!

I went ahead and changed your post tags and category to one that will be more likely to get results. It was also using standard Unreal Engine tags, and it being similar - but not the same - is likely to get some incorrect solutions headed your way. The co-creator is only on the UEFN application, so I just wanted to make sure you were getting the right attention!