How to clip text properly?

So I have a ** main Horizontal box**. Inside it there are another 10 children Horizontal boxes.
When I add to each one of those 10 Horizontal boxes text as a child (only 1 text for each child), with each added text all of the other texts get smaller and smaller. How can I keep the same text size and perhaps clip the text so it cuts it out if it’s too long?

Did you put something in a scale box?

I’m rather new to scale boxes but I still tried putting the main horizontal box in a scale box since the text seem to affect its size,
also tried wrapping all of the 10 children horizontal boxes with a scale box but still haven’t managed to get the result desired in both examples (with all of the scale box options/stretch options).

If you don’t want the text to shrink, do not use a scale box - I was just asking :). Can you post a picture of the widget? This is how what you describe behaves in a clean project:

As you can see, the text stays the same size.

I see thank you, that was my problem.
Unfortunately, I’ve got a new problem now…
As you can see everything fits properly in the main horizontal box,
but not a lot of text is showing.

I fixed it by replacing the main Horizontal box with a Wrap Box.
Here is the result:

The size boxes are just so I can control the maximum of text I want to show.
(They are wrapped on the child Horizontal boxes).

Once again thanks a lot for the help!