How to clip a widget?

First, am I wrong in understanding that only canvas panels clip their contents? No other widget type can actually prevent their content from being drawn outside of their bounds, regardless of the Clipping setting?

So, the second question is then, how do you create a user widget of a fixed size, regardless of in what widget it is placed, and regardless of its contents?

I can’t figure it out. I’ve wrapped the canvas panel in a size box and vice versa, but no matter what weird things I try to do, I can never restrict my widget to anything except the full screen size. Only when I save it and place it as a user widget inside another widget can I start to restrict its size, which feels weird, because what if I have a background image of a certain size? Then I need to make a size box manually each time I want to use that user widget.

What am I missing?

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i was just watching a video about this. Creating a Dynamic UMG System | Community Led Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

At the top change from full screen to desired on screen and the when you create widget drag off return value and set size and set position to the size and the position you always want it to be and appear