How to click on a UMG Button in world space?

I can not click on a UMG Button in world space.

I created a blueprint with a simple Widget Component. With “User Interface” > Space = World. The mouse cursor doesnt seem to line up correctly with blueprint in the world. Click events and Hovered Events are not being fired when the mouse cursor is directly over the UMG Button. But if I move the mouse cursor away from the button, to an arbitrary location the Click and Hovered Events fire.

Is this a bug?

If you look at the image below you can see the Hovered Event firing for the UMG Button (the one tinted yellow), but the mouse cursor is all the way down in the bottom right corner of the black square. Why?

Hello ,

Thank you for your feedback. This is a know bug in 4.9, UE-20071. As of right now, the bug is schedule to be fixed in 4.10.

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Sean Flint