How to click an object and get an information

I was creating a house to make it like an educational house, I want to click an object, the the object pops an information from the it. But how do you do it?

But how do you do it?

  • have actors with a static mesh and text
  • create a widget with a text block, bind it to a text variable
  • create a custom event in the actor that creates and shows that widget
  • have the player controller enable click events and show mouse cursor
  • onLMB click, get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel, check what you clicked (by casting), if it was the actor you’re after, call its custom event

That’s the very base minimum for mouse → object interaction with a pop-up.

onLMB click, how do I get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel?


Nodes are context senstiive and that node targets the player controller. Get player controller first by right clicking in the graph, only then drag a wire from pc → get hit.