How to click a button to play the sound

In the HUD blueprint ,how to click a button to play the sound,and then click the button again to suspend the voice.

This is what I’m doing now,but I don’t know how to pause the sound.

I’m not sure how to pause a sound, but you might be able to put a flipflop node before the switch and have A go to play the sound through the switch and B go to however you would pause. Then you just tap again to go back and forth. Not familiar with audio in BP, but you may have to do something to reset the audio so it doesn’t play from where it was paused or reset to start depending on what you want and default functionality.

I can’t find stop or pause sound node,

Hi there- a quick answer, you will not be able to pause a Play Sound At Location function. Instead, you will need to create an Audio Component with the sound you wish to play, and then issue Play and Stop commands to that Audio Component to control playback (you can also use Fade In/Fade Out).